If you're using MySQL, at some point you'll want to measure the size of your tables. This can help you identify issues, track table growth over time, estimate disk space requirements, etc.
MySQL vs PostgreSQL
Comparing performance, syntax, replication, and features.
You may find that you need to execute SQL statements that exist in a .sql file. There are a few different ways to do this depending on what you want to accomplish and how to sql file is written.
In this guide I'm going to describe how to get started with PHP and MySQL.
Renaming a MySQL table is very simple, but sometimes the syntax is hard to remember.
This guide will show you how to export your MySQL query as a CSV file, a common need when analyzing records or data.
This guide will simply cover how to find a data set by its timestamp including ranges. It will apply to mysql field that are of the "timestamp" type.
If you've just installed mysql, you will probably want to create a password for the root user.
Once you've created a mysql database you'll want to add users and give them rights over specific databases or tables.
Finding guides