15 Days of Free Games: Epic Games Holiday Sale Begins!

A free game every day, a huge sale, and a $10 gift certificate for any new game!
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There’s no doubt that, when it comes to being awesome Epic Games easily blows Steam out of the water. Every week of the year, Epic offers one or more games for free, in addition to all manner of regular discounts and special promotions. But this holiday season, they’re doing a discount and free game combination like never before.

The first deal on the list is the impressive free game a day for fifteen days, starting December 15th. Regardless of what games you usually like to play, this is an awesome chance to pump up your collection and add some fun variety to your games' library.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Oh, no. Read on because the deal just gets better.

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$10 off coupon... for every purchase
$10 off coupon... for every purchase

Yeah, okay, so a $10 coupon is nice, but what does that… wait, for every game? You read that right: every game you purchase will have a $10 coupon automatically applied to it (as long as the game costs at least $14.99 after other discounts have been applied).

Right now, most of the games on the Epic Games Store have an applied discount between 5% and %95, and a huge number of those are the top popular games in multiple genres, as well as leading games from the big AAA studios. There is so much loot to be had, it’s fairly incredible.

If you were to buy 100 games, it would equal $1000 dollars in savings, not even counting whatever discounts might already be applied. Hard to argue with numbers like that. All you need is a fully active and registered Epic Games account to get in on the holiday goodies, so what are you waiting for?

The holiday sale starts on December 16th and ends on January 6th, 2022, so you’ve got a little time to sell some of your other possession and commit to a few weeks of Ramen and tap water, but don’t wait to sign up because the longer you wait, the more of the free daily games you’re going to miss out on!

Free game December 16th
Free game December 16th

Shenmue III is the continuing story of teenage martial artist Ryo Hazuki as he searches for his father’s killer. Exploring an open world, interact with NPCs, complete tasks to make cash, and train to upgrade fighting skills are the main points during play.

Watch the video:

The game drew mixed feelings from fans and critics, with some adoring the faithfulness of the game to its earlier two incarnations, and others disliking how little the game had evolved compared to the rest of the video game industry.

Personally, while I agree that it totally feels like a retro game, I don't think that's a bad thing. Ultimately, it’s a relatively fun adventure-fighter game with a classic aesthetic and, unless you’re totally jaded, I think you’ll have a good time.

What is the Epic Games Store?
What is the Epic Games Store?

The Epic Games Store has been around for a while, the lesser-known alternative to Steam, the nearly-ubiquitous platform for game purchases since it launched in 2003. But, where Steam originally existed and launched to promote Valve games, Epic Games Store launched in 2018 and quickly rose to success on the Fortnite franchise. At the time of Epic’s launch, Steam took a dramatic 30% cut from the sales of video games through their platform! This hurt both game designers and users, just wasn’t very nice. But the folks behind Epic realized something excellent: they could take a much lower cut and still have a profitable business. This led them to fast domination of the indie market, as small publishers flocked to the far better terms offered by Epic.

Mega Discounts

Epic Games Store offers some seriously incredible discounts on a regular basis, in addition to all the normal discounts one would expect on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the usual holidays. But the most exciting is their weekly free game or add-on, which simply harpoons all competitors.

When I first heard about this free game, I thought that can’t be real. They must only offer tiny indie games. Not at all, dear reader. Not. At. All. Epic frequently lists unbelievable A-lister games on their weekly deal, as well as sometimes offer two free games instead of one. In addition, just because a studio is smaller doesn’t mean the games it makes aren’t impressive. I’ve picked up some of my favorite new games, for free, from this platform, and most of them have been made by smaller studios (or as side-projects for teams from big studios).

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