Amazon Prime Day 2022: Best Deals on Raspberry Pi Accessories and Microelectronics

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Amazon Prime Day Completed

This year's Amazon Prime Day sale has ended. We hope our curated selections helped you find something special. We will be curating pages for Black Friday, as well, so stay tuned for those.

Amazon Prime Day is in full swing and the discounts are rolling in. Some of them are genuine deals while some leave us scratching our heads. Not sure what to make of it all? We've got you covered.

These are the best Amazon Prime Day deals we've found so far. Check back throughout the Amazon Prime Day event, we'll update this list with any new must-have deals we find. We're covering everything from microelectronics to cool Raspberry Pi accessories and more!

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Prime Day Price: $76.41

Original Price: $93.99

The official touch screen from the Raspberry Pi Foundation is discounted to $76.41. It’s compatible with the latest Raspberry Pi 4 but can also work with the 3B and 2B models. It has a resolution of 800 x 480 and supports 10-finger capacitive touch. The viewable screen area measures in at 155 x 86mm.

Prime Day Price: $105.91

Original Price: $128.98

This tank kit from Yahboom comes with everything you need except for the Pi. The base model is marked down to $128.98 and is compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3B+ and latest Raspberry Pi 4B.

The kit includes the frame along with various sensors and servos to build the tank from the ground up. Users have a camera module, ultrasonic sensor, and more to tank advantage of. It even uses tread to get around like a real tank.

Prime Day Price: $10.94

Original Price: $14.99

You can’t use a Raspberry Pi without a quality microSD card and this Ultra MicroSD card from SanDisk is sure to get the job done. The package also includes an SD card adapter in case you only have a regular-sized card reader. This deal is for the 32GB edition which has a 98 MB/s read speed.

It also comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty from SanDisk. In general, it’s best to avoid off brands when programming the Pi as cheaper cards are more prone to corruption. We’ve had great results when using SanDisk cards and the warranty adds an extra level of support that you just can’t beat.

Prime Day Price: $44.89

Original Price: $49.89

A keyboard and mouse is critical for setting up a new Pi (unless you’re going headless. This keyboard and mouse combo from Logitech saves you valuable USB port space as both devices use the same USB adapter to connect.

The keyboard has a small form factor, measuring in at 139 x 288 mm and 78 keys total, plenty for regular use and setting up the Pi. This combo set comes in multiple colors but this discount applies only to the black and yellow edition.

Prime Day Price: $44.96

Original Price: $49.95

This starter kit from Freenove comes with over 220 components to kickstart your Pi projects. If you’re not sure what to buy and just want to have a bunch of pieces on hand to tinker with, this is definitely a kit worth looking at.

It’s suitable for the Pi 3B, 4B, Pi 400, and even the Raspberry Pi Pico. You get tons of cool things to play with including LEDs, a 7-segment display, an LCD screen, a keyboard, a motor driver PCB, various sensors, cables, and tools for tinkering like a GPIO extension module and breadboard.

Prime Day Price: $15.19

Original Price: $24.99

If you’re building a RetroPie gaming rig it helps to have a gamepad on hand for playing all of your games. This deal is for the Logitech F310 wired gamepad which connects via USB. It has a standard, modern gamepad form factor and 10 programmable buttons—including a d-pad and triggers on top.

If you don’t mind the modern look, or maybe you just prefer it to the retro-style controllers, the F310 wired gamepad is a quality controller to keep around from a more reputable brand.

Prime Day Price: $215.99

Original Price: $249.99

It’s really hard to get ahold of Raspberry Pis right now, but one of the best ways to get one is in a kit like this from Vemico. It has everything you need to get started including a 2GB Raspberry Pi 4B, a case, fan, heatsinks, a power adapter, various cables, a microSD card and even a USB SD card reader for your PC.

This kit is ideal for new makers and works well as a gift as it provides so many tools to play with. Other kits are available with more RAM, but this is the most affordable kit out of them all as it's only for the 2GB edition.

Prime Day Price: $14.35

Original Price: $20.50

E-Ink displays are low power and keep the image displayed on the screen even when the device is powered off. This HAT spans 2.13-inches across and works with everything from a Pi Zero and 2B all the way up to the latest Raspberry Pi 4B models.

It has a resolution of 250 x 122px and uses an SPI interface to connect. Even if you don’t have a specific project in mind, these displays are fun to have on hand and tinker with.

Prime Day Price: $10.99

Original Price: $13.99

If you want to share your retro gaming rig with a second player, it helps to have a controller on hand for them to use. This 2-pack includes a couple of wireless controllers with a form factor resembling original SNES controllers.

Each uses its own 2.4 GHz wireless adapter and is USB rechargeable, so you can play to your heart’s content. This offer applies to the SNES-color controllers, but other variations are available, albeit without the discounted rate.

Prime Day Price: $42.29

Original Price: $49.95

This kit from SunFounder has over 300 components to play with and over 60 individual project tutorials to learn how to use them all. To redeem this offer, be sure to check the coupon box to get the extra 10% off.

It has an assortment of LEDs, buttons, resistors, servos, a buzzer, LCD panel, a motion sensor, an LED strip, and tons more to get excited about. It helps if you already have a Pi, but this kit also includes a Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller, so you don’t even need a separate Pi to get busy.

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