Automated Coffee Grinder Uses Raspberry Pi To Create Perfect Cup

Put the calculator away, we're having Pi for coffee.
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User lateant on Reddit is making mornings a little bit easier with this awesome Raspberry Pi automated coffee grinder. The project features a Pi-controlled coffee grinder that grinds the perfect amount of coffee beans at the push of a button. What is the perfect amount? You decide what that means using the custom LCD interface.

You can buy automated coffee grinders that measure your coffee grinds for you, but this was a more affordable (and interesting) DIY option. Lateant provides an overview of the construction on the full Reddit thread.

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Raspberry Pi Coffee Grinder LCD

Using a Raspberry Pi 3, the weight is detected from the coffee grinder using an HX711 load cell amplifier. Lateant is a programmer by profession and developed a python server to control the coffee grinder with a custom user interface. The UI was created using Vue.js and interfaces with the load cell using a library from Github.

According to Lateant, the coffee to water ratio is set using the LCD interface. The Raspberry Pi calculates the precise amount of coffee needed to create the cup defined in the settings. The Pi signals an outlet power relay (by Adafruit) to turn off the grinder once the desired weight has been detected by the load cell.

We really appreciate a good cup of coffee here at howchoo. Any opportunity to streamline the experience with a Raspberry Pi is definitely a plus in our book. Be sure to check out the full thread on Reddit for more details and updates from Lateant.

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