Creator Builds Raspberry Pi Robot to Fetch Groceries

Leave the house without leaving the house.
Ash Ash (362)

Sometimes necessity drives the most creativity. This week on Reddit, Firened (known as pm_me_your_fav_fact) shared an impressive Raspberry Pi-powered robot. The creation operates online, making it possible to drive the machine outside and even to a local grocery store.

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After finding himself bedridden, f decided to use a Raspberry Pi to create the ultimate exploration and delivery utility—opening a door to the outside world. The unit consists of several components centralized on a Raspberry Pi. It has a movable head and tracks for locomotion. The latest feature is a basket, just for bringing home groceries without stepping a foot outside.

How it works

As far as hardware goes, it uses several different modules and boards that connect to a Raspberry Pi 4. It features a storage box mounted onto the tracks. The camera can be controlled remotely (via browser) to tilt up and down as well as pan side to side. According to Firened, the battery should last 1.5 hours with the motor at full speed. The battery lasts for 37 hours if left idle.

Software-wise, the project relies on Vigibot to control the robot remotely using a web browser. As long as the Pi-powered robot is connected to the internet, Firened can control it.

There are some new additions on the way, including a potential DOF claw mounted to the front. Firened also mentioned incorporating left and right movements. You can read more about the project in the full post on Reddit. Keep an eye out for updates to this seriously useful Pi project.

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Zach Zach (248)

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