Custom Raspberry Pi 48TB NAS Server Costs Over $5000

Practical? Not so much. Awesome? Most definitely!
Ash Ash (357)

Maker Jeff Geerling is at it again with another impressive and somewhat excessive Raspberry Pi project. He’s created a huge NAS server using a Raspberry Pi and five individual SSDs that add up to over $5000 worth of parts.

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The NAS has a total of 48TB of storage space—a bold and expensive endeavor that works but there are a few drawbacks that make this configuration far from ideal. The system is built around an NAS board known as the Radxa Taco. It bridges the CM4 module to five individual SSDs. In this case, Jeff is using five 8TB Samsung 870 QVO SSDs. Because it uses a Raspberry Pi CM4 module which caps out at 400 MB/s, the read/write potential of the SSDs is bottlenecked.

Check out the video shared by Jeff on his YouTube channel to get a detailed look at the setup process and performance results. While it might not be the most practical project, we really appreciate the idea and can’t help but appreciate the ambitious parameters around its creation.

This isn’t the first Pi-based NAS Jeff has dabbled with. You can follow his official website for more projects and cool creations with the Raspberry Pi.

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