Free! Rogue Company Season Four Epic Pack on Epic Games Store

Rogue Company Season Four Epic Pack is free November 11th-18th, 2021!
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Each week, check out my latest article for the new hit game or add-on released for free from the Epic Games Store! This week it’s an utterly explosive Epic-exclusive add-on for the hit multiplayer action game Rouge Company. Following the theme of other games in the genre, Rogue Company releases new seasons of content for players to enjoy, but this time Epic gamers can kick off the season with a massive boost. These add-ons usually cost anywhere between $5—25 dollars (while the base game is free) so this is definitely worth it, even if you just want to play a few rounds casually.

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The Epic Games Store has been around for a while, the lesser-known alternative to Steam, the nearly-ubiquitous platform for game purchases since it launched in 2003. But, where Steam originally existed and launched to promote Valve games, Epic Games Store launched in 2018 and quickly rose to success on the Fortnight franchise. At the time of Epic’s launch, Steam took a dramatic 30% cut from the sales of video games through their platform! This hurt both game designers and users, just wasn’t very nice. But the folks behind Epic realized something excellent: they could take a much lower cut and still have a profitable business. This led them to fast domination of the indie market, as small publishers flocked to the far better terms offered by Epic.

Mega Discounts

Epic Games Store offers some seriously incredible discounts on a regular basis, in addition to all the normal discounts one would expect on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the usual holidays. But the most exciting is their weekly free game or add-on, which simply harpoons all competitors.

When I first heard about this free game, I thought that can’t be real. They must only offer tiny indie games. Not at all, dear reader. Not. At. All. Epic frequently lists incredible A-lister games on their weekly deal, as well as sometimes offer two free games instead of one. In addition, just because a studio is smaller doesn’t mean the games it makes aren’t incredible. I’ve picked up some of my favorite new games, for free, from this platform, and most of them have been made by smaller studios (or as side-projects for teams from big studios).

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Rogue Company Season Four Epic Pack
Rogue Company Season Four Epic Pack

Join 20+ million players in Rogue Company, the ultimate third-person tactical action shooter! Become an agent of Rogue Company and wield powerful weapons, high-tech gadgets, and game-changing abilities. Accept the mission and jump into a variety of 4v4 and 6v6 game modes. Play FREE today!

Descriptive Paragraph about game

Rouge Company is a hit live service game with over 20 million players worldwide, who all take part in grand PvP battles featuring any number of “Rogues”. The action-hero aesthetic of the game will absolutely pique the interest of anyone who loves slightly-over-the-top shooters like Fortnight.

Normally, Epic Games released a full game on their Thursday promotional, but this time they’re throwing everything at this awesome expansion, clearly trying to bring in more players to the base game. They occasionally offer things like this in place, or alongside, their weekly free game. Sometimes, Epic Games even releases games that it has not announced in advance, sneaking all sorts of cool goodies into their weekly freebie for those who pay close attention. While it looks like this week will be all about Rogue Company it would be wise to still keep an eye on the free section of the store… if only to see what they start offering on the 19th!

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The Rogue Company Season 4 Epic Pack includes Switchblade and Scorch, two powerful Rogue characters, and Switchblade’s Inferno Imp outfit. This Epic pack also features 20K Battle Pass XP to kick the season off with a bang.

Other games by Hi-Rez Studios
Other games by Hi-Rez Studios

Hi-Rez Studios specializes in massively multiplayer online games, having successfully edged into the market with their free to play format and string of action-packed shooters, including the Tribes series, Paladins, and Rogue Company. Gamasutra recognized Hi-Rez as a Top 30 Video-Game Developer, and they’re clearly still fighting to hold onto their place in the vast and ever-changing landscape of action games.

This Kickstarter has passed its goal but users can still preorder.
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The Raspberry Pi Pico is the first official microcontroller to come from the Raspberry Pi Foundation and like the SBCs that came before it, the Pico is compatible with a variety of HATs from third party developers. Today we’ve got an exciting new barcode scanning Pico HAT and Barcode Scanner Breakout to share with you created by maker Om Singh. Om recently created a Kickstarter that has more than surpassed its initial goal, ensuring the new boards are well on their way to development. The HAT is designed to mount to the Pico while the breakout can connect to devices via microUSB. Both provide a variety of tools to both scan and process various barcodes.