Maker Creates Pi-Powered Bonsai Watering System

A simple project to take the hassle out of plant care.
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Raspberry Pi watering systems are a fun go-to summer project—but they're also useful for managing tricky botanical needs. Earlier this week, a Reddit user known as Lord-of-the-Pis shared an automated Pi-powered watering system designed for a bonsai tree. These plants are known for having specific soil and water requirements. This project takes a lot of guesswork out of the equation.

The Raspberry Pi uses a moisture sensor to determine when the water pump should activate, watering the plant. Lord-of-the-Pis said there are likely more features to come. The bonsai tree is sensitive to temperature changes, so temperature control is on the list.

Raspberry Pi Zero WRaspberry Pi Zero W ×1
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This project doesn't require much to get started, but you will need some hardware. It uses one Raspberry Pi, a Pimoroni Explorer Hat Pro, a submersible water pump, and some jumper wires.

The Pimoroni Explorer Hat Pro acts as the backbone of the project. It's a hub, connecting everything that interfaces with the Raspberry Pi. The moisture sensor (which is just two jumper wires pressed into the soil) is connected to analog inputs on the hat, while the water pump motor is activated using the output.

The Explorer Hat isn't necessary to complete the project, but it does make things easier. It's a compact solution that eradicates the need for a relay. It also comes with a python library, making it much easier to program on the Raspberry Pi.

You can read all about the project in detail on Reddit here. You definitely want to keep an eye on Lord-of-the-Pis. This isn't their first Pi project and it won't be their last. Lord-of-the-Pi's anticipates a part two to this project as they complete a dashboard for monitoring light, soil moisture, humidity, and temperature over time.

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