Pimoroni Unveils Line of Pico Accessories

Get your Pico the litter.
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The team at Pimoroni is at it again with an impressive lineup of accessories for the new Raspberry Pi Pico board. There are plenty of goodies to choose from audio port add-ons to gaming handhelds.

What is the Raspberry Pi Pico?

As of writing, the Pico is the latest model of Raspberry Pi and the first microcontroller from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It's the smallest model yet and looks to be a promising addition to the product line. Check out our introduction to the Raspberry Pi Pico to learn more.

Here's a peek at what you can already buy and what's scheduled to release soon.

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Pico Explorer Base

The Pico plugs directly into the Pico Explorer Base board, which can be used to plan and wire project ideas. It supports various components using a breadboard, breakouts for Pimoroni's Garden modules, and even has a built-in IPS LCD screen.

Pico Omnibus (Dual Expander)

The Pico Omnibus (Dual Expander) module is designed for use with two bases or Pico packs at once. This board is also ideal for developing project ideas and prototypes.

Pico Decker (Quad Expander)

The Pico Decker (Quad Expander) is made to support a total of four Pico Packs and/or bases at once.

Pico Proto

This Pico Proto board is a 6 x 20 grid of holes with a 2.54mm pitch with the Pico pins already labeled. The idea is to secure your prototypes to this board for long term projects.

Pico Display Pack

The Pico Display Pack is a module featuring a 240 x 135px IPS display. It also has four programmable buttons and an RGB LED.

Pico Scroll Pack

The Pico Scroll Pack is a tiny LED matrix made with 119 white LEDs arranged in a 7 x 17 configuration. It also has four programmable buttons.

Pico Audio Pack

Users can add audio output with the Pico Audio Pack. It uses a PCM5100A DAC and can support 32-bit 384KHz stereo audio. Speakers and headphones can be connected using the 3.5mm audio jack.


Not everything is ready to hit the digital shelves. Some of the new accessories are planned to release in the future.

Tiny 2040

The Tiny 2040 is a super small board featuring the new RP2040 chip. It's fingernail-sized and with a USB port.

Pico Breakout Garden Base

The Pico Breakout Garden is similar to the current garden but made just for the Pico. It has four I2C and two SPI inputs.

Pimoroni Pico VGA Demo Base

Want video output? You got it! The Pico VGA Demo Base is engineered to output video through a VGA port. It also has digital I2S audio output and has an SD card slot.


Gamers get hyped! There's another new contender on the DIY handheld market, and its name is PicoSystem. You want micro gaming? This is definitely a place to start. It features the new RP2040 chip and includes a screen, plenty of buttons, a joypad, and a battery.

We're really excited about the Pico, and this new ecosystem of accessories from Pimoroni makes us even more pumped for the new Pi! This is just the start of many new tools—even Arduino is releasing its own microcontroller using the new silicon to provide an alternative to the Pico for devs.

MicroPython is like Python but teenier.
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Ready to play with your new Raspberry Pi Pico? Not so fast! You'll need to set up some software on a separate machine before you can start programming your new microcontroller.