Raspberry Pi 4 PCB Update Fixes USB-C Power Issue

Small changes, big results.
Ash Ash (362)

The Raspberry Pi Foundation confirmed a new update to the Raspberry Pi 4 design, according to a report from The Register. The latest boards will feature minor hardware changes with some major improvements. This latest update resolves a USB-C power issue that has affected the Raspberry Pi 4 since launch.

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In early iterations of the Raspberry Pi 4, a detection circuitry error caused a problem with certain power adapters in which the Raspberry Pi would register as an audio device. This resulted in power output so low that the Raspberry Pi wouldn't turn on. The official Raspberry Pi cable did not have this issue, but many third-party cables did.

Raspberry Pi 4 Changes

The new board update has been included in a PCB Design for Manufacturing (DFM) process. The updated boards, according to Raspberry Pi Ltd. CEO Eben Upton, should be available to end-users by now.

In addition to the UCB-C fix, the new Pi 4 boards have a few new changes. The WLCSP SD card voltage switch has been moved to the top of the board to prevent unintended damage. Eben also mentioned silk screen adjustments, aiming to reduce solder bridging in the manufacturing process.

If you've been waiting to get a Raspberry Pi 4, now might be a good opportunity. These updated boards come with much-needed improvements—anticipated since day one. The Raspberry Pi 4 is the latest of the Raspberry Pi series and comes with 1 GB, 2 GB, and 4 GB memory options. You can check out the Raspberry Pi 4 for yourself on Amazon.

Finally, retro gaming has arrived on the most powerful Raspberry Pi.
Zach Zach (248)

Nearly a year after the Raspberry Pi 4 was released, the RetroPie developers have officially added support for it in the form of an open, stable beta.