Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Telescope Takes Amazing Shot of Jupiter

This Raspberry Pi project takes us to the stars.
Ash Ash (330)

Some Raspberry Pi projects are absolutely out of this world—like John Kennedy's Raspberry Pi camera telescope project! John's telescope setup was shared on Twitter earlier this week with a stellar demo video.

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In perhaps one of the most extreme close-ups you can take in your backyard yard, John shared an amazing shot of Jupiter. The shot wouldn't have been possible without the help of the Raspberry Pi HQ camera. This module has been a considerable upgrade to the original Pi Camera and has taken projects like these to a new level.

According to John, the telescope features automatic tracking that can be used to follow the gas giant but there may be ways to implement tracking using the Raspberry Pi instead.

Image Source: John Kennedy

Image Source: John Kennedy

How it works

The Raspberry Pi HQ camera attaches to the telescope directly, allowing full access to the telescope lens. As John explained, the setup is pretty much plug and play to get started

If you want to see the footage yourself or just want to know more about how it works, check out the full demonstration here.

Be sure to follow John Kennedy on Twitter for more exciting Pi projects!

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Ash Ash (330)

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