Raspberry Pi OS 64-Bit Officially Released

It’s out of beta and into production.
Ash Ash (362)

The official operating system of the Raspberry Pi, known as Raspberry Pi OS, has finally received a 64-bit edition. The new OS edition was announced in a blog post earlier this week from Gordon Hollingworth on the Raspberry Pi website.

The new 64-bit version has been tested in a beta trial for the past year. After 12 months of progress, the operating system is now open to everyone in a public release.

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The Raspberry Pi has been able to support 64-bit operating systems for some time, so no new hardware upgrades are necessary to take advantage of the new OS edition. This isn’t the first 64-bit operating system for the Pi as there are plenty of third party options available, but it is the first official 64-bit OS to come from the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

According to the official Raspberry Pi website, the following Pi models are officially supported:

  • Raspberry Pi 3B
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • Raspberry Pi 3A+
  • Raspberry Pi 4
  • Raspberry Pi 400
  • Raspberry Pi CM3
  • Raspberry Pi CM3+
  • Raspberry Pi CM4
  • Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

Gordon elaborated in the comments about the repository details, explaining that the 32-bit Raspberry Pi OS upstream is Raspbian while the new 64-bit version’s upstream is Debian. However, both have been modified with tools, features, and a design catered to the Raspberry Pi, making it the OS we know.

To read more about the new 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS, check out the original blog post and head over to the downloads page to see it yourself first hand.

Out with the old, in with the old.
Ash Ash (362)

Every so often, the Raspberry Pi Foundation releases a new version of the Raspberry Pi OS.