Raspberry Pi Pico Barcode HAT Scans Up to 20 Code Types

This Kickstarter has passed its goal but users can still preorder.
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The Raspberry Pi Pico is the first official microcontroller to come from the Raspberry Pi Foundation and like the SBCs that came before it, the Pico is compatible with a variety of HATs from third party developers. Today we’ve got an exciting new barcode scanning Pico HAT and Barcode Scanner Breakout to share with you created by maker Om Singh.

Om recently created a Kickstarter that has more than surpassed its initial goal, ensuring the new boards are well on their way to development. The HAT is designed to mount to the Pico while the breakout can connect to devices via microUSB. Both provide a variety of tools to both scan and process various barcodes.

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Pico Barcode Scanning HAT

According to the official project page, the HAT and breakout both are built around a DE2120 scanner module. This component uses a camera to capture barcodes and uses image recognition to interpret the data. Om indicates the new boards can read up to 20 barcode symbologies including things like UPC and QR codes.

In addition to the barcode scanning features, the HAT also has a buzzer, button switch, and a status LED. The barcode HAT is designed to match the form factor of the Pico, measuring in at 26mm x 76mm.

To get a closer look at this project, check out the official Kickstarter and maybe pre-order one for yourself. Donations of $60.14 USD (£45) will receive a Barcode Scanner Breakout while $66.83 (£50) will secure a complete Barcode Scanner HAT board.

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Ready to play with your new Raspberry Pi Pico? Not so fast! You'll need to set up some software on a separate machine before you can start programming your new microcontroller.