Summer Game Fest 2022 Recap

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Over the last few years, summer has quickly become a gamer’s favorite time of the year. While the winter holiday season tends to be great for sales, it holds nothing on the game announcements and events held in the warmer months.

Since E3 was cancelled this year, many (and we do mean many) game publishers and developers have announced their own industry events. The Summer Game Fest started in 2020, with a need for a place to showcase new games, technology, and to bring together the video game industry during an awful year.

While you could read our recap of the last E3, this year’s Summer Game Fest featured world premieres, talks with developers, and so much more! Take a look through our recap of the Summer Game Fest 2022!

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summer game fest 2022 recap

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

by Infinity Ward and Activision

We were shown a long trailer that featured cut scenes and gameplay of what's to come in the next Call of Duty game. It is a direct sequel to the 2019 reboot, and will serve as the nineteenth installment in the overall Call of Duty series.
Coming to console and PC on October 28, 2022

The Callisto Protocol

by Skybound Entertainment and KRAFTON

Fight to survive the horrors locked within the walls of Black Iron Prison in this immersive, next-generation take on survival horror. Viewers were shown new raw gameplay filled with jumps, spooks, and fights!
Coming to console and PC on December 2, 2022


by Lunar Software and Raw Fury

Announced a decade ago, Routine is a first person sci-fi horror set on an abandoned Lunar base designed around an 80’s vision of the future. Curious exploration turns into a need for survival when a lunar base goes completely quiet. Searching for answers puts you face to face with a certain enemy, the main threat is you. Discoveries lead to deeper unknowns, and the only way to go is forward.
Coming to Xbox and PC

American Arcadia

by Raw Fury and Out of the Blue Games

Welcome to Arcadia! A 70’s retro-futuristic metropolis where all its citizens enjoy a life of luxury and comfort… unaware that they’re being broadcast live 24/7! Arcadia is not an ordinary city, but the most watched reality show on the planet - where a drop in popularity ratings comes at the highest cost: death.

American Arcadia gives you control over two characters in completely different environments and unique playstyles: A 2.5D action side-scroller including challenging platform action, breath-taking chases, stealth and puzzles. As well as a full 3D first-person game, with hacking, exploration, stealth elements, and puzzles to solve.
Coming to console and PC

Midnight Fight Express

by Jacob Dzwinel and Humble Games

Imagine John Wick the simulator. That's this game, but made by one person. A former member of the criminal underworld is lured back into “the life” by a mysterious drone claiming they have until sunrise to prevent a citywide criminal takeover together.
Coming to console and PC on August 23, 2022

Neon White

by Angel Matrix and Annapurna Interactive

Neon White is an upcoming first-person shooter and puzzle-platforming game. You are White, an assassin handpicked from Hell to compete with other demon slayers for a chance to live permanently in Heaven. The other assassins seem familiar, though… did you know them in a past life?
Coming to Nintendo Switch and PC in summer 2022

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

by Tribute Games

Shredder's Revenge is a side-scrolling action brawler with a pixelated artstyle. In the game, the player assumes control of Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, April O'Neil and Master Splinter as they combat opponents including the Foot Clan, Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady, and Shredder in locations ranging from New York City sewers to Dimension X. Each character has their own attributes (range, speed, and power) and plays differently. They also have unique super moves and taunts. As the player progresses each stage, they will find pizza boxes, which can be used to heal the player, and other pies that grant players extra strength and infinite supers for a brief period of time.
Coming to console and PC on June 16, 2022


by Inflexion Games

We've mentioned Nightingale before at Howchoo, and for good reason. Set out on a journey of survival and adventure, into the mysterious and dangerous Fae Realms of Nightingale! Become an intrepid Realmwalker, and venture forth alone or with friends - as you explore, craft, build and fight across a visually stunning Gaslamp Fantasy world.
Coming to PC Q4 2022

The Quarry

by Supermassive Games and 2K Games

If you think this game looks similar to the Dark Pictures Anthology franchise, then you'd be correct. Made by the same studio, Supermassive Games, The Quarry is a horror-thriller game where your choices matter.

When the sun goes down on the last night of summer camp, nine teenage counselors are plunged into an unpredictable night of horror. The only thing worse than the blood-drenched locals and creatures hunting them are the unimaginable choices you must make to help them survive.
Coming to console PC June 10, 2022

summer games fest 2022 games announced

Aliens: Dark Descent

by Focus Entertainment
Coming to console and PC in 2023

Watch the video:

Flashback 2

by Microids
Coming to console and PC in 2022

Watch the video:


by The Astronauts
Coming to PC in Q4 2022 (early access)

Watch the video:

Fort Solis

by Fallen Leaf Studio
Coming to PC in 2023

Watch the video:

Outriders: Worldslayer DLC

by People Can Fly and Square Enix
Coming to console and PC in June 2022

Watch the video:


by Frost Giant Studios
Beta coming in 2023

Watch the video:


by Demagog Studio and Rogue Games
Coming December 2022

Watch the video:

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

by Mediatonic
Season 1 is free to play starting June 21, 2022

Watch the video:

Goat Simulator 3

by Coffee Stain Studios
Coming in fall 2022

Watch the video:

Midnight Suns

by 2K and Marvel
Coming to console and PC in 2022

Watch the video:

Honkai StarRail and Zenless Zone Zero

by miHoYo
Coming to Android, iOS, and PC

Watch the video:

One Piece Odyssey

by BNE Entertainment and Namco Bandai Games America
Coming to console and PC in 2022

Watch the video:

Soul Hackers 2

by Atlus and Sega
Coming to console and PC on August 26, 2022

Watch the video:

Saints Row Boss Factory

by CD Projekt
Available now on console and PC

Watch the video:

Gotham Knights

by WB Game Montreal
Coming to console and PC on October 25, 2022

Watch the video:

Warhammer 40,000 Darktide

by Fatshark
Coming to Xbox and PC on September 13, 2022

Watch the video:

Layers of Fears

by Bloober Team
Coming to console and PC in 2023

Watch the video:

Good news for those in the video game industry (or just fans of game announcements)! The Summer Game Fest will return in person and digitally in Summer 2023.

Watch the full show here:

Watch the video:

If you like first-person shooters and competitive gaming, then get excited!
Britt Britt (157)

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, popularly known as E3, has always been the most anticipated gaming industry event since it began in 1995.