This fully-functional, stamp-sized robot named 'Dot' is powered by Raspberry Pi

Jamie Jamie (33)

I am continuously impressed with how creative people are, and Kaisar (@roboticbits on Twitter) is the newest person on top of the list after creating "Dot," a stamp-sized two wheel robot. The robot is based on the Pimoroni Tiny 2040, and uses a 3V DC motor and a 70mA battery for power.

Kaisar claims that this is the smallest fully-functioning robot in the world, and while that might (or might not) be the case, either way it's an impressive build.

While not available quite yet, Kaisar has stated on Twitter that details will be posted to Github in the near future.

Pimoroni Tiny 2040Pimoroni Tiny 2040 ×1

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Kaisar has another mini-robot project called Pica, which is an impressive three-wheeled robot built on a cut out Raspberry Pi Pico, with three motors controlled by a TI DRV8833 motor driver.

Keep track of all of Kaisar's new projects by following their Twitter account @roboticbits.

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