This Roomba Screams When It Runs Into Stuff

Removing the cold inhuman experience of a silent Roomba.
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Youtuber and tech maker Michael Reeves had way too much fun with this screaming Roomba project. In a video demonstration from his YouTube channel, the Roomba is wired to a Raspberry Pi, making it scream every time it bumps into something. It's beyond hilarious and you really should see it for yourself. Heads up—this video has a bit of swearing and would probably be considered NSFW.

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Watch the video:

The goal of the project seems to be nothing but pure hilarity. Claiming to make the robot more human, Michael's upgrade turns your quiet every day Roomba into an alarming scream machine with a serious sailor's mouth.

How it works

If you're wondering how this project is put together, you're not the only one. Unfortunately, Michael doesn't give too many details. It looks like he may be using a 620 model Roomba. For a brief moment, the innards are exposed on camera showing a Raspberry Pi tucked inside.

When the Roomba impacts an object, an audio response is triggered using the Pi. Switching the audio from incoherent screaming to shouting words is as easy as dragging and dropping a file.

This isn't Michael's first rodeo with a seriously off-the-wall project. Other projects include a Gas Powered Fishing Pole and a robot that shoots energy drink at you when you're tired. Some people are just impossible to put into words. Check out Michael Reeves on YouTube for more of his work.

Other robots and alternate methods

You can recreate this project with similar hardware if you don't own a Roomba. Christoph Kisfeld uploaded his own version of the project to Github that works with Rockrobo vacuums. Check out the Screaming Rockrobo code on Github.

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