How to Disable the TouchUI Screensaver

Prevent your OctoPrint touchscreen from sleeping.
Zach Zach (248)
5 minutes

This short guide will teach you how to disable the screensaver, or "screen sleep", that occurs after a few minutes of inactivity when using the TouchUI plugin. This will ensure that your OctoPrint touchscreen is always showing relevant information without needing to tap the screen.

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Updating TouchUI Bootloader

Make sure your TouchUI bootloader is up to date by connecting to your Raspberry Pi:

ssh pi@octopi

Then, run the following commands:

cd ~/TouchUI-autostart/
git pull
sudo service touchui restart

If you made changes to your TouchUI files previously before and receive a pull error, run the following:

git reset --hard
Disabling TouchUI screensaver

Edit the TouchUI default file using the Nano editor:

sudo nano /etc/default/touchui

Change DISABLE_SCREENSAVER=false to DISABLE_SCREENSAVER=true. Then, press CTRL-X to exit and then Y to save.

Finally, restart the TouchUI service:

sudo service touchui restart


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