How to create a new iTunes library folder

How to create a new iTunes library folder
Tyler Tyler (285)
Total time: 1 minute 

You may want to create a new iTunes library folder for many different reasons. If you're like me, you've moved your library folder to an external hard drive, and now iTunes complains at you when you try to open it. Fortunately, creating a new iTunes libra

Here's everything you'll need to complete this guide:

Mac OSX×1

By default your iTunes library folder is in your home folder. For me its - /Users/josephtylerjones The original library folder is called Music, but you can name it whatever you'd like. For the sake of this guide, I called it Music2.

Since you have no "Music" or iTunes library folder, you will see this message when you open iTunes. Just click "OK".

Now click "Create Library..." and choose the music folder you just created. In my case it was "Music2". After you've selected your folder click "Save" and now you've got a new folder for your iTunes library!