How to Turn a Video Into a GIF on a Mac

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There are plenty of websites that will automatically convert a video into a gif. Some of these sites even have a few options to customize the gif you create. But really, the best way to get the perfect gif is to find some good software and do it yourself. This guide will cover an app called PicGif.


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Install PicGif

PicGif and PicGif Lite can be installed from the Mac App store. To open the App Store, type:

cmd + space bar
This will open Spotlight, and then you can search for:
App Store
Once you've opened the App Store app, you can search for "PicGif" and install the app.

Use your phone, camera, or camcorder (do these still exist?) to take a video and upload it to your computer.

Open the PicGif app and click "Add Video"

You can use Spotlight like you did in step one, or you can simply use Finder to navigate to Applications > PicGif.

Choose your options and click "Load"

From this preview screen you can select a few important options. One of the most important options is the frame count. This determines how many frames this video will be divided into. You should take into consideration the desired length of your gif. I typically leave mine at 24 frames.

Edit the gif

Now you'll be taken to a tool where you can edit your frames and other gif options. I'll run through some of the important options in the following steps.

Choose the size

The size (dimensions) of the gif is one of the biggest factors that determine how large the file size will be. You generally want to keep the file small especially if you're using this gif on the web. A good size for a gif is the default 360 x 240, you can make it whichever size you want.

Choose the speed

Depending on the Speed settings - Normal or Auto - you can choose the frame delay or the FPS (frames per second). You may have to mess around with this to find the perfect speed.

Preview the gif

Preview the gif by clicking "Play" at the top of the tool.

To remove a frame simply click on the frame you want to remove, and hit the delete button.

Click "Create GIF"

When you're ready to save your gif, simply click "Create GIF" at the top right of the tool.

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