Use Google Photos to Capture Text from an Image!

You’ve got images with text? Google Photos can copy and transcribe them instantly!
Odin Odin (182)

So, you’ve been taking photos for forever, right? And, more likely than not, you take a lot of photos of things with text on them: pamphlets, fliers you want to remember the information for, even passages from books you’re reading that you think are cool and want to store. But how do you copy the text from your photo into your favorite note-taking application?

In the past, you might have written these tidbits down to look up or use later, and when you got used to having a phone in your pocket all the time you just started taking pictures of this sort of thing. But photos can get messy quickly, and aren’t the most efficient way to handle things like this (what happens if you have a photo containing a large amount of text you need to transcribe?). That’s where Google Photos comes in.

Using Optical Character Recognition, Google Photos allows you to quickly and easily grab the information from any image in your Google Photos cloud and convert it instantly to text!

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Open the Google Photos app.
Open the Google Photos app.
  • Open the Google Photos app.
  • Open the picture you want to copy text from.
  • Look for the Google Lens icon, located in the bottom right corner. Tap it.
  • Tap “Continue.”
Copy and Paste!
Copy and Paste!
  • You can now tap and select the text you wish to copy by dragging the marker circles to the locations on the highlighted text. Tap “Copy.” Now simply open your favorite note-taking application and paste!
For when you accidentally turned on the "live" feature.
Michael Michael (175)

Live photos are great! And sometimes a "live" photo is exactly what we want when we're taking a photo.