How to Resize a Layer in Photoshop

You’ve got it set to M for “mini."
Ash Ash (343)
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You can resize a single layer or several layers at a time using Adobe Photoshop. I'll be using Adobe Photoshop 2020, but any version will work. Just be aware that menus and tools can sometimes move between different versions.

This guide is for resizing a single layer, visit our guide on how to resize an image if you want to resize the entire project.

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Photoshop Project

If you're reading this tutorial, you're probably already working on a project and have a layer to resize. If not, go ahead and open the project you want to edit in Photoshop.

Photoshop Layer Select

Select the layer with the text or object you want to resize from the Layer menu in the bottom right. In my example, I selected her drink and made a copy of it in a new layer—this is the object I will resize.

You can select multiple layers and this process will still work. Use shift to choose sequential layers or CTRL/Command to select specific ones.

Photoshop Resize Tools

There are a couple of tools that will accomplish what we want. The two I use the most are Free Transform and Move Tool. These both create a box around the selected item with corners that can be clicked and dragged for resizing.

Free Transform

This tool can be accessed through one of two ways:

  • Windows users press Ctrl + T on your keyboard. Mac users press Command + T.
  • Open the Edit menu in the upper left and go to Free Transform

Move Tool

This tool is intended to move objects but can be used to resize them as well. You can access it with one of two methods:

  • Press V on your keyboard
  • Select the Move Tool from the tool tray on the left. It's usually the top option.
Photoshop Layer Resize

Pick a corner—any corner—to click and drag. This will resize the object in the layer you have selected.

Layer proportions will retain by default. If not, hold the Shift key while dragging the corner.

Photoshop Save Changes

When the layer has been resized, press Enter or Return. From here, you can continue working or save the project under the File menu.

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