"Digital Making at Home" Introduces Kids to Programming

Raspberry Pi livestreams each Thursday with new things for kids to code!
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What a fantastic offering from the Raspberry Pi Foundation! If you're looking for a fun, interactive way to introduce your kids to coding and digital making, then pull up a chair or two, make sure your Raspberry Pi is set up, and start making!

Note: if you're looking for some good resources on getting started with Raspberry Pi, our guide to the best beginner's books for Raspberry Pi is a great place to start!

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Each Thursday, the Raspberry Pi Foundation live streams its "Digital Making at Home" series on youtube at 3:30 PST / 6:30 EST.

On the live stream, the team (and sometimes guest/s) introduce young people to new topics like GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces), HTML, Scratch, Graphics, Retrogames, and more - through activities that often feel a bit like retro games themselves. One live stream, for example, introduced kids to game-making through the retro-like game, BBQ Dad! (Did you know you can control a grill with a Raspberry Pi in real life? Cool, right?!)

For more information and an up-to-date schedule, visit the "Digital Making at Home" homepage.

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Ash Ash (354)

Nothing can slow down the Raspberry Pi Foundation, as even in 2021, the team managed to serve up a selection of new Raspberry Pi boards, modules, and fun accessories.