How to Install 1Password on a Raspberry Pi

Keep your Raspberry Pi as a secure as your desktop or phone.
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There's no reason you should let your password security become lax while using the internet on your Raspberry Pi. We recommend a good password manager, like 1Password, to keep track of your passwords across ALL of your devices, including your Raspberry Pi.

While 1Password does not have an official desktop app for the official Raspberry Pi OS, they do have an extension of the 1Password software for Chromium called 1Password X. You'll likely only really need 1Password while you're using the browser anyway.

We're going to walk you through the steps to get and install the 1Password extension on your Raspberry Pi's Chromium browser.

If you're curious as to why we're recommending 1Password for use with your Raspberry Pi, then check out our comprehensive review of 1Password.

1Password1Password ×1

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1Password in Chromium

On your Raspberry Pi:

Bottom Navigation 1Password in Chromium
  • Scroll down the homepage.
  • At the footer of the page, click Browser extensions.
1Password X download screen

1Password should automatically detect which browser and operating system you're running. But just make sure that you are downloading the 1Password X browser extension for Chromium.

Add 1Password X to Extensions question

The extension should not take long to install in your browser. A window will pop up making sure you want to Add "1Password X - Password Manager" to your Raspberry Pi Chromium browser.

  • Click Add extension.
1Password installed in Chromium

You should be redirected to the "Welcome to 1Password X" screen and see the small 1Password logo in your browser extensions at the top-right.

1Password Login Raspberry Pi

We're assuming you've already created a 1Password account before this, but if you haven't then you should return to 1Password and create one.

Here you'll need to write:

  • The email you use for 1Password.
  • Your Secret Key.
1Password Secret Key

This is the key that 1Password gave you when you first created your account. It can be found on your 1Password Emergency Kit (see image below). - Your Master Password.

This is the password you created when you first set up 1Password. This is the one you use to activate 1Password while browsing and can also be found on your 1Password Emergency Kit.

1Password Emergency Kit
1Password Ready to Go Raspberry Pi

We do recommend you view the short video to see the features of the 1Password X Chromium extension for the Raspberry Pi. (It's very similar to the 1Password Chrome extension.)

Your Raspberry Pi password sign-ins are now safe and secure with 1Password!

To make Chrome an even more secure browsing experience.
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Many use Chrome because of its browsing security and intuitiveness across the many Google apps.