Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera: Review, Specs, and Where to Buy

Update your Pi project with high-quality images.
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The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released another camera made exclusively for the Raspberry Pi. The new device is known as the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera. It stands out against the current Camera Module V2 as a huge upgrade. It's nearly double in size, quality, and price.

Good news—the new camera works with any Raspberry Pi edition. So if you've been looking for a high-quality upgrade to your Pi cam, you can easily swap these out.

Interested in buying one?

It's available at retailers listed on the official Raspberry Pi website.

Raspberry Pi High Quality CameraRaspberry Pi High Quality Camera ×1

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Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera

The new Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera has an impressive 12-megapixel resolution, compared to the 8-megapixel resolution of the Camera Module V2. The new device is much larger and includes an adjustable focus aluminum lens mount, supporting interchangeable lenses.

This upgraded camera is ideal for Pi projects that have a demand for high-quality images. Security cameras, motion-sensitive wildlife photography, even things like our Raspberry Pi Timelapse project are perfect for the new device.

Upgrading to the new camera is easy. The module is attached to a ribbon cable with the same camera port interface as the Camera Module V2. With the Raspberry Pi-powered off, just unplug the old camera and connect the new HQ one. It's compatible with all models of Raspberry Pi running the latest Raspberry Pi OS.

Here's the official release video from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It provides a quick look at the new high-quality camera.

Watch the video:

Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera Specs

If you want to know more about the hardware in-depth, check out the spec table below. Thew new camera comes with plenty to get excited about.

Spec Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera
Sensor Sony IMX477R
Resolution 12.3 Megapixels
Lens mount Aluminum
Sensor diagonal 7.9
Pixel size 1.55 μm × 1.55
Output RAW12/10/8, COMP8
Back focus Adjustable (12.5 mm–22.4 mm)
Lens standards C-mount / CS-mount (C-CS adapter included)
IR cut filter Integrated
Ribbon cable length 200 mm
Tripod mount 1/4”-20

You can find details and spec information in this product brief for the new Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera.

Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera

The Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera released with a price tag of $54.18 USD (£49.50 EUR). This is nearly twice as much as the previous module--but with all of the upgrades that come with it, the price seems more than fair.

High Quality Camera Module V2
Raspberry Pi Foundation

The biggest difference between the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera and the Camera Module V2 is in the lens. The HQ camera is much larger and comes with nearly twice the resolution. But don't just take our word for it, look at the specs for yourself.

Spec Camera Module V2 Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera
Lens On-Board Fixed Focus Lens Adjustable Focus Aluminum Lens Mount
Resolution 8 megapixels 12 Megapixels
Size 25mm x 23mm x 9mm 38mm x 38mm x 11.4mm
Ribbon cable Yes Yes
OS Support Raspberry Pi OS Raspberry Pi OS
Price $26.27 (£24) $54.18 (£49.50)
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