This PICO Pumpkin Project will elevate your Halloween decorations!

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When it comes to options for decorating for a holiday, Halloween is at or near the top of the list for most people. Specifically, pumpkin carving has become an art form, with people spending hours and hours perfecting their front porch displays. Now, the GurgleApps team has elevated the game even further, by using a Raspberry Pi PICO microcontroller to create an LED pumpkin.

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The Gurgle team has been making LED pumpkins ever year for about five years, but this year they've upgraded their project by using a Raspberry Pi PICO instead of a traditional Raspberry Pi. Their reasoning? You can power a PICO with just two AA batteries, while you have to have a larger power source for the Raspberry Pi.

This allows your pumpkin to be portable, or at least sit on display without having to be near an outlet.

The list of items needed is pretty short and inexpensive. The Gurgle team used:

  • Microcontroller compatible with MicroPython (The Gurgle team used an RP2040 Pico)
  • Two 8x8 LED Matrix with a backpack search for MAX7219 or HT16K33 driver chip
  • Jumper Wire
  • Pumpkin

The Gurgle team provides the code for free on their website, meaning you can recreate this incredible pumpkin project at home!

Happy Carving!

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