3 Ingredient Gravy

Tayler Tayler (23)
Gravy made simple.

Gravy is a southern staple in most weekend breakfasts because it's hearty, flavorful, and so easy. While I didn't grow up in a gravy consuming household (we were a cinnamon roll household, more so than a biscuit and gravy household), it's a shame because it’s so easy to make!

This recipe is simple, too, which makes it the perfect addition to your easy-to-dress-up recipes!

Kitchen tools
1 eaNonstick Frying PanNonstick Frying Pan
1 eaWhiskWhisk
5 tbspFlour, all purpose
4 tbspButter, salted, room temperature
1 cupmilk
gravy prep

I used a shallow, nonstick frying pan. Go ahead and have the measured amounts of your flour and milk set beside the pan so you can easily incorporate them into all of the ingredients.

This will make it easy to agitate the butter so it doesn't burn in later steps!

Melting butter.

Once the pan has a moment to warm up over the burner, drop your butter into the pan.

I like to use a tiny whisk to agitate the butter to ensure it melts quickly and doesn't burn.

Flour into butter.

Once your butter has melted, slowly stir in your flour. This will result in a lumpy, butter/flour paste that will mix easily with your milk.

Gravy finished!

Slowly, whisking constantly, add your milk into your pan, stirring continuously until everything is mixed together into a gravy. I like to add the milk in halves, stirring to combine after every addition. I like a thicker gravy and I ended up using around 1 1/4 of a cup to reach my desired consistency.

Once combined, turn off the burner and you're ready to enjoy your gravy!

  • Your favorite breakfast sausage You can cook up your sausage in the same pan you want to make your gravy in for added flavor.
  • Salt and pepper I hit my end gravy with a dash of salt and a dash of pepper. You can do this to your taste!
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Chives
  • Chopped jalepenos
  • Bacon

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