How to Make Blackberry Simple Syrup

Perfect for cocktails, baking, tea, and so much more.
Tayler Tayler (75)
30 minutes

Dark purple, plump, and tart to taste, blackberries are a delicious addition to any pie, ice cream, yogurt, or beverage. And what better way to enjoy blackberry in a beverage than through simple syrup? What's more, learning how to make blackberry simple syrup is a lot easier than you might think.

Whether you're working with fresh blackberries from your local farmer's market or you're pulling out the frozen bag of blackberries you bought a few months ago, this recipe only takes 3 ingredients and can be made in as little as 30 minutes. Here's how to make blackberry simple syrup for cocktails (alcoholic or otherwise!)

Want to learn How to Make The Easiest Simple Syrup for Cocktails first? We've got you covered.

Kitchen tools
1 eaSauce PanSauce Pan
1 eaLiquid Measuring CupsLiquid Measuring Cups
1 eaWide-mouthed Mason JarWide-mouthed Mason Jar
1 eafork
1 eaStrainer
1 eaSpoon to stir
1 1/4 cupWater
3/4 cupsugar
1 cupBlackberries

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Measured blackberries

If you're working with frozen blackberries, allow them to thaw.

Measure out 3/4 cup of sugar and add it to your saucepan.

Measure out one cup of water and add it to your saucepan, pouring it directly in with the sugar.

Measure out one cup of blackberries and add them to your saucepan, pouring them directly in with your sugar and water.

Simmering pot.

Place your saucepan of sugar, water, and blackberries on your stove over medium-high heat.

Bring your ingredients to a simmer, stirring occasionally. Your berries will start to change color from their standard dark purple color to very dark pink.

Heat for 10 minutes until your sugar has dissolved. 10 minutes is all it takes for your blackberries to soften. After 10 minutes, turn off the heat.

Smashed blackberries.

Remove your pan from the stove and place it far away from the heat. While your simple syrup is still hot, smash your blackberries.

(While you can use a proper tool like a potato masher, a handy-dandy fork will do just fine.)

Smash until the simple syrup is dark purple and there are no distinguishable berries.

Cool for 10 minutes.

Straining blackberries.

Once your simple syrup is cool, carefully pour your syrup through a strainer, either into a liquid measuring cup or directly into your mason jar.

After the syrup has passed through the strainer, all you'll have left is blackberry pulp. Using the same spoon, you stirred the pot with, use the bottom side to press as much liquid as possible through the strainer.

Note: There's a lot of hidden flavor in the berry pulp, so don't be afraid to really mash your spoon against your strainer (without breaking it, of course).

If you used a liquid measuring cup, pour your simple syrup into your mason jar. Enjoy for up to 4 weeks!

Pro tip: If you've tuned into my How to Make The Easiest Simple Syrup for Cocktails guide, you already know how tedious the cleanup process can be if you've allowed your crystallized sugar to harden in your pan.

Once you transfer your simple syrup into your mason jar, clean your pan. It'll save you so much headache later, I promise.

Bring the bar experience to your home.
Tayler Tayler (75)
30 minutes

While nothing beats hitting your local favorite watering hole for a beverage, there's something to be said for creating a craft cocktail within the comfort of your home.