How to Make Jalapeño Simple Syrup

Simple, tasty, and spicy!
Tayler Tayler (75)
30 minutes

What did the pepper say to the simple syrup?

"I don't mean to be jalapeño business!"

But, what if I told you that jalapeños are meant to be all up in a simple syrup's business? What if I told you that jalapeño simple syrup is the perfect addition to your cocktail ingredients, specifically your simple syrups?

Well, it's true.

Not only is jalapeño simple syrup easy to make, but it's delicious, too. Making jalapeño simple syrup cocktails is as easy as making one margarita. Just trading your regular syrup for jalapeño syrup will add an element of heat, spice, and unique flavor that is perfect for jazzing up a classic recipe.

What's really cool about this recipe is that you're just adding one more ingredient on top of a classic simple syrup recipe. If you want a recipe, check out my guide How to Make The Easiest Simple Syrup for Cocktails.

Now, here's how to make jalapeño simple syrup.

Kitchen tools
1 eaSauce PanSauce Pan
1 eaCutting BoardCutting Board
1 eaChef's KnifeChef's Knife
2 eaLiquid Measuring CupsLiquid Measuring Cups
1 eaSpoon to stir
1 cupWater
1 cupsugar
1/3 cupJalapeños

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Sliced jalapeños.

Thinly slice your jalapeños until you have 1/3 cup.

Measure out one cup of sugar and add it to your saucepan.

Measure out one cup of water and add it to your saucepan, pouring it directly in with the sugar.

Don't add your jalapeños to your sugar and water yet.

Preparing the simple syrup over stove.

Place your saucepan on your stove and over medium to high heat.

Stir to melt the sugar evenly. Once your simple syrup begins to simmer, add your jalapeños. Lower your heat and let your syrup simmer for 10 minutes.

Your simple syrup will now have a thick consistency, and your jalapeños will be soft.

Pot cooling.

Cool your freshly made syrup by turning off the heat and removing your saucepan from the stove.

If you tuned into my How to Make Blackberry Simple Syrup guide, you're probably wondering if you have to strain the jalapeños from your syrup. The good news is–no!

While you certainly can strain them if you like your syrup more sweet than spicy, leaving them in is perfectly fine, too. They give the syrup a nice heat. If you'd like a more mild mixture, ditch the peppers. Either way, you'll have a spicy jalapeño simple syrup on your hands.

Jalapeño margarita.

Once your simple syrup has cooled (sans jalapeños or otherwise), carefully pour your syrup into a mason jar.

Store your container for up to 4 weeks in your refrigerator.

Cocktails for jalapeño simple syrup

Jalapeño simple syrup is really lovely in a classic margarita. You'll get the sweetness from the standard simple syrup that pairs nicely with the peppers' added heat and flavor depth. It's a beverage that'll taste like summer and take you straight to flavor town on an express ticket.

Bring the bar experience to your home.
Tayler Tayler (75)
30 minutes

While nothing beats hitting your local favorite watering hole for a beverage, there's something to be said for creating a craft cocktail within the comfort of your home.