How to Replace the Main Suction Fan on the Roborock S5 (S552-00)

Make your Roborock S5 suck more.
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If your Roborock S5 (XIAOMI S552-00) sucks at sucking and you're experiencing the "Fan speed lowered due to blocked strainer. Clean strainer to continue." error, then your main suction fan assembly (or "engine ventilator") needs to be replaced. This guide will show you how to do that.

Screwdriver, Phillips-headScrewdriver, Phillips-head ×1
Roborock S5 replacement fanRoborock S5 replacement fan ×1

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Removing the bottom panel screws

Remove the 7 screws from the bottom panel using a Philips-head screwdriver. Then, remove the main brush/roller and set it aside.

Removing the Roborock S5 brush assembly

Remove the single screw securing the spinning side brush in place.

Removing the battery

Remove the battery and its 4-pin connector and set it aside.

Removing the Roborock 12 bottom screws

Remove the 12 recessed screws from the bottom of the assembly.

Removing the Roborock S5 brush assembly

Remove the 4 screws from the bottom brush assembly.

Removing Roborock S5 bottom screws
Sorry, this photo is missing the arrow for the 4th screw.

Remove the 4 bottom screws.

Removing the Roborock S5 wheel assembly

Remove the 3 screws from each wheel assembly and set the wheels aside.

Removing the Roborock S5 brush assembly

Remove the 3 screws securing the spinning brush assembly. Then, remove the single screw hiding beneath the brush assembly like a coward.

Roborock S5 hidden sticker screw

Remove the last remaining screw that's hiding beneath a white sticker beneath the battery component.

Removing Roborock S5 front bumper assembly

Remove the small 8 screws from the bumper assembly. Then, remove the two plastic bumper pieces and set them aside.

Removing Roborock S5 bottom caster wheel

Remove the bottom caster wheel by pulling it upwards with your fingers.

Removing front button assembly

Using your hands, carefully pry the top front button panel off.

Removing Roborock S5 top door assembly

Remove the 6 hinge screws and then lift the top door off.

Removing the Roborock S5 LIDAR cover

Remove the 3 rubber screw covers and then remove the screws contained beneath. Then, remove the 2 screws from the top of the LIDAR cover.

Then, set the LIDAR cover aside.

Removing the Roborock S5 LIDAR assembly

Remove the 4 LIDAR assembly screws and lift the assembly out.

Removing Roborock S5 top cover

Now that all the screws are removed, the top panel should slide off effortlessly. If it doesn't, you've missed a screw.

New Roborock fan assembly

Remove the connector and 2 screws securing the fan assembly. If the new assembly has no metal screen, carefully pry off and transfer the metal screen from the old one to the new one.

Then, install the new assembly in its place.

As usual, reassembly is the reverse of disassembly!

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