How to Replace the Spinning Side Brush on Your Roomba

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iRobot has been manufacturing the Roomba sweeping robot since 2002! They have manufactured multiple variants and even a line of mopping robots. My Roomba has been cleaning up dog hair and a truly obscene amount of sand that has seemingly no origin point since 2014!

Screwdriver, Phillips ×1
Roomba ×1
Roomba replacement side spinning brush assembly ×1

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Roomba spinning side brush removal

Unscrew the screw, pull brush off, throw both in trash and spit on them!

Roomba bottom plate removal

Unscrew four screws on the bottom of the Roomba, they will not come out, just loosen them! Remove the bottom panel of the Roomba.

Roomba brush motor removal

Unscrew the two screws on either side of the motor! Pull on motor till it comes out! Dispose of!

Install the new motor

The motor will slide right into the empty position, it is super easy. However you will need to remove the new brush from the motor so as to reinstall the bottom plate. After that reinstall the bottom plate then the brush again.

Play with the dogs that are you reason for buying a Roomba!

If your Roomba won't seem to hold a charge, it may be time to change your Roomba's batteries. Check out our guide for tips on changing them in a pinch.

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If your Roomba hasn't been making it home every night, he's not cheating on you; he's just tired. Breathe new life into your little buddy with a fresh battery!