How to Make Your Own DIY Face Mask for Running

A lightweight, breathable face mask to use when running in crowded areas.
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With Covid-19 upon us, we all have to make changes to our routines, including runners.

Depending on the time of day when I go for a run, I need to decide whether to wear my face mask or leave it at home. And certainly, if you live in a crowded city, you should wear one to protect those around you.

Have an old tank top laying around? Presenting...the simplest DIY face mask for running that you will ever find!

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Blue 76ers tank top cut in half

Pick out an old tank top that you longer wear to convert into a face mask for running.

(Luckily for me, I had one ready to go from making my previous guide on a no-sew running belt.)

Scissors cutting blue shirt

Cut it in half about 3-4 inches below the armhole.

DIY Face Mask for Running

Your DIY running face mask is ready to go!

In the next steps, I'll show you how to wear it.

DIY Face Mask for Running on Face

Make sure the cut-part is on the bottom.

Put the face mask over nose so that the arm loops drape over your nose, and tighten over nose.

Man tying knot behind head with diy running face mask

Take the bottom straps and tie a knot or loop behind your head, until your face mask feels comfortably secure.

DIY Running Face Mask

You now have great DIY face mask for running that will not fall off of your face and allow you breathe normally during your run.

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