How to Make a DIY No-Sew Running Belt

No basketball jerseys were hurt in the making of this guide! Okay, maybe one was.
Michael Michael (175)
10 minutes

I used a version of this no-sew running belt for years, and only begrudgingly upgraded when I was given one as a gift. (I also love my old DIY armband.)

What I love about this no-sew running belt:

  • There's absolutely no sewing involved (because I can't).
  • It's washable in a washing machine.
  • It has plenty of room for your keys, phone, and wallet.
  • It stays on your waist better than most commercial versions.

Just grab an old spandex or stretchy top, a pair of scissors, and some fabric glue - and get ready to make this awesome DIY no-sew running belt!

ScissorsScissors ×1
Stretchy Top ×1
Fabric GlueFabric Glue ×1

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Blue Tank Top with Scissors and Glue

I recommend one that will be tight on your waist when worn there and in a color that you don't mind wearing.

Grab your scissors and glue.

Scissors cutting blue shirt

Measure a little more than twice the width of your phone up from the hem of your shirt, and cut straight across.

blue shirt with top turned down

Once your strip is cut, lay flat on the table. Turn down the top of either side about 1 inch all the way around the strip.

If you have trouble with this, try doing it in stages by spinning the strip around.

Glue on blue shirt

Put some fabric glue along the turned down piece and fold up the shirt to glue together.

Be sure to leave spaces with no glue (~4-5 inches), so you can slip your phone and other accessories into it!

No Sew Running Band nearing completion

Again, if you have trouble, try doing it little by little and spinning the strip around. Remember to leave those pockets!

No-Sew Running Belt on Waist

Give the glue about 10 minutes to dry before trying on your new no-sew running belt.

phone in no-sew running belt

Your phone should fit snuggly into your new running belt. Put it in with the headphone jack facing out, if you're using wired headphones.

No-sew Running Belt

My belt does not slip when running or jumping, and it works excellently.

Get out there and enjoy the maiden-run with your new belt!

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