How to Use a YubiKey with LastPass for MFA/2FA

Speed up the authentication process!
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Tired of using Google Authenticator for multi-factor authentication when logging into LastPass? You can use your YubiKey for this instead!

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Access LastPass Multifactor Options

Navigate to LastPass Icon > Open My Vault > Account Settings > Multifactor Options.

Then, click the Edit icon next to Yubico.

Connect your YubiKey to your computer's USB port.

Enable your YubiKey

Change Enabled to Yes.

Then, focus (click) the YubiKey #1 field. Then, press the button on your YubiKey device. A string of dots will appear.

Finally, click Update and enter your LastPass master password.

You're all set up!

When LastPass prompts you for multi-factor authentication, you can now use your YubiKey like you would for MFA with any other service. Enjoy!

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