How to Sew a Button

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Sewing a button into your project is easily done by hand. All you need is a button, needle, thread, and something in dire need of a button. In the example pictures for this guide, I'm attaching a standard button with four holes in the center. If your button has a different configuration of holes, adjust step 4 to interweave your thread with the orientation of your button's holes.

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Sew a Button

It's up to you to find the best button for your project. You can find buttons in many craft stores and sewing departments of general stores. If you're replacing a button from a garment, you may want to check the pockets for any spare buttons tucked away inside. If you want a specific style of button, you may find a suitable vendor online.

The thread you use can make a huge difference on the end results of your sewing projects. Sewing stores and quilt shops often provide high-quality thread options, sometimes with spools intended for hand stitching. This type of thread is ideal for our project but a cheaper thread will also get the job done. Thinner thread may take a little extra work to build up the thickness of your stitches.

Button Fit

Make sure your button is the right size for your project. If it needs to fit through a buttonhole, try pushing it through to see how it fits.

Mark Button Location

Line up your button in the place you want it and mark it with a fabric pen, chalk, pencil, or whatever tool you deem fit for your fabric/project material.

How to Sew a Button

Starting from the underside, stitch upwards through the buttonholes. Crisscross the thread between the holes, building up layers for strength.

Knot Thread

When you've completed enough loops to secure the button, knot the thread on the underside of the fabric.

Congratulations! You attached a button. Now test it out and see how well it holds up in your project.

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