How to Get Free Hulu With Sprint

For Sprint Unlimited customers.
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Sprint Unlimited customers can get free access to Hulu right now on the official Sprint website. All you need is an active Sprint Unlimited plan to get started.

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Sprint Login Screen

Log in to your Sprint account on the official Sprint website. Here you can verify your account status to make sure you're eligible for free Hulu.

Sprint Unlimited

Your Sprint account must meet a few requirements before you can qualify for free Hulu.

  • The account must be in good standing.
  • You must have an active Sprint Unlimited plan. Look under Shop Plans > Our Unlimited.
Free Hulu With Sprint

Once you've verified your account is eligible, access the Hulu offer page on the Sprint website. This page provides more details on the offer requirements and additional Hulu upgrades.

Activate Free Hulu

When you're ready to activate your free Hulu service, click Activate Now.

This will start the sign-up process. During the setup, you will be prompted to choose a phone from your Sprint service plan to link to the Hulu service.

If you run into issues or if the activation fails, contact Sprint for support. You can reach the customer support team online or via phone using 1-888-211-4727.

This is just one method you can try to get free access to Hulu. You may also be interested in our guide on how to get Netflix for free or Disney+ for free.

Pay nothing and chill.
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Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms around. If you're looking for a free pass with unlimited access, I'm afraid you're out of luck.