Best Nintendo Switch Battery Packs that Charge While You Play

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The Switch is one of Nintendo's most impressive handheld consoles yet. But with mobility comes the need for serious power. If you want to continue playing Breath of the Wild but won't be near a dock anytime soon, you'll need a battery pack.

The good news is that, with the right power bank, it's possible to charge your Nintendo switch on the go while you play. It's also important to choose a battery pack with the right specs to prevent damage to the Switch.

How to charge your Nintendo Switch with a battery pack

For the Switch to charge while you play, it needs a portable charger that provides more current than it uses. This is usually expressed in mA, or "milliamps", while a battery's overall storage capacity is expressed as mAh, or "milliamp-hours". If the Switch receives too much power, you may find yourself with a handheld disappointment. Thankfully, it's possible to calculate the flow of power to keep your Switch safe.

I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the Nintendo Switch power specs and charger requirements. The website Switch Chargers provides a wonderful breakdown of what works and what to avoid.

But to make things a little bit easier, we've gathered the highest-rated battery packs guaranteed to safely charge your Nintendo Switch while you play!

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aukey nintendo switch battery pack

Best power bank for Nintendo Switch

Our top pick!

If you’re looking for something portable with high capacity, Aukey has you covered. This battery pack might be slim, but it packs a punch. You can expect a maximum capacity of 20000mAh—guaranteeing well over two full charges on the Nintendo Switch.

Total number of charges: 2.5

metecsmart nintendo switch battery pack

Metecsmart is at it again, this time with a power bank built to last. This bad boy has a high battery capacity of 20,000 milliamp-hours. When operating on a full charge, this power bank can recharge your Nintendo Switch up to two and half times.

Total number of charges: 2.5

omars nintendo switch battery pack

This battery pack is made by Omars. It has a max capacity of 10000mAh and comes with a USB C PD port—perfect for charging your Switch. The pack features an 18W output and can charge your Nintendo Switch up to 1.5 times on one charge.

Total number of charges: 1.5

metecsmart nintendo switch battery pack

This Metecsmart battery pack is not to be overlooked. It has a max capacity of 10000mAh, giving you up to 1.5 charges on the Nintendo Switch. It features two USB ports, making it ideal for traveling with a few devices. Check the manual carefully to take full advantage of this charger.

Total number of charges: 1.5

A charge a day keeps the dead battery away.
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Charging your Nintendo Switch controller is easy enough, and most of them can be charged with a Nintendo AC Adapter. But there are a few additional methods that can help power your Switch devices.