How to Charge a Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch can be charged using one of two methods. You will need access to a power outlet to charge your Switch.

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Nintendo Switch on docking station

If you're at home, the easiest way to charge your Switch is to place it in the dock. As long as the dock is receiving power, your Switch will charge. This will also recharge your Switch controllers if the Joy-Cons are connected.

  1. Connect your Nintendo Switch dock to power using either the included power cable or a Nintendo Switch AC Adapter.
  2. Slide the Switch into the dock.
  3. Wait for the battery to fully charge.
Nintendo Switch charging with AC Adapter

If you're on the go, the best way to charge your Switch is to use the Nintendo Switch AC Adapter. This cable connects the USB-C port on the Switch directly to an outlet.

  1. Plug the Nintendo Switch AC Adapter into a wall outlet.
  2. Connect the adapter to your Nintendo Switch.
  3. Wait for the battery to finish charging.
Nintendo Switch Battery Pack

Another option is to invest in a battery pack. These let you charge your Switch no matter where you are. If you're not sure where to start, check out our list of battery packs for the Switch.

  1. Make sure the battery pack is fully charged.
  2. Connect your Switch to the battery pack using a USB-C cable.
  3. Wait for the Switch battery to finish charging.
Ash Ash (362)

The Switch is one of Nintendo's most impressive handheld consoles yet. But with mobility comes the need for serious power.