7 Things Every Tea Lover Should Have

Don't leaf these out of your tea collection!
Tayler Tayler (75)

When it comes to drinking tea, it's no secret that the act of drinking tea is more than the action of drinking tea itself.

Having a cup of tea is an experience. Each cup of tea can give you an isolated experience–one that is enhanced through different tools and items.

Here is a list of 7 great tea accessories that every tea drinker, whether you're a connoisseur or a sampler, needs for their collection.

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A teapot is a must for any tea lover, especially if you like to entertain with large batches of your favorite brew. Whether you're serving many or want to enjoy a cup yourself, a teapot is the ideal addition to any collection.

I recommend checking out this great teapot/kettle combo.

What Makes This Item Awesome

Aside from the cool geometric design that comes in different colors, this kettle is unique in that it can travel away from the stovetop. It's cast iron with an enamel interior which means it's both easy to clean and durable. Cast iron does a great job of holding heat, which will keep your tea hot long enough for you to enjoy it.

I do recommend using a mat or a towel if you're taking the kettle from the hot stove to a table or other surface to make sure the heat doesn't damage your belongings.

Tea pot.

Most teas come with a specific steep time that is optimal for releasing the flavors and aromas of the tea. This is true of both tea bags and loose leaf teas.

Rather than leave your place of comfort and walk your discarded tea bags to the trashcan, why not upgrade to a mug that has a built-in compartment for your tea bags?

Check out this mug which has all the answers to your used tea bag problems.

What Makes This Item Awesome

Not only is the mug adorable, but the built-in compartment doesn't disrupt the drinking experience. It also comes in colorful variations and has a 15 oz. holding capacity–ideal for your largest cup of tea.

Elephant mug

If loose leaf teas are more your thing over bagged tea, then reusable tea bags are the perfect way for you to easily enjoy your collection. It's also an environmentally friendly option and tends to provide more flavor and taste over bagged teas.

Check out these reusable tea bags!

What Makes These Awesome

These come in a pack of six which means you can either serve a large group of people or quickly switch between flavors without worrying about distinct flavors blending together. The silicone material also makes these so easy to clean.

Reusable tea bags.

There's nothing more annoying than a collection of half-empty boxes of tea scattered throughout your kitchen. A tea organizer is the best way to keep your tea bags organized and in the same spot.

We love this wooden organizer.

What Makes This Item Awesome

This bamboo tea box and organizer is ideal for any tea lover with a collection of more than two types of teas. Not only is it sure to fit into any decor, but this box also features a clear acrylic lid that will showcase your bags so you always know how much of which tea you have.

Please note that this box is only good for tea bags, specifically individually packaged ones. Loose-leaf teas and tea bags that aren't individually packaged need airtight containers.

Tea bag organizer

Perhaps second to the annoyance of half-full boxes of tea rattling around your cabinets and drawers, is when a mug can't keep your tea hot for long. Instead of poping your mug into the microwave for a quick reheat, keep this mug warmer on your desk or side table!

What Makes This Item Awesome

Unlike other warmers, this one displays the temperature of the pad and is adjustable to fit every one of your teas–regardless of what temperature your tea should be served at.

Mug warmers like this are a preventative measure for hot cups of tea and cannot be used to reheat a cup of tea.

Mug warmer

While tea is ideal for those moments where you can enjoy your beverage, a to-go tea tumbler is fantastic for people who love tea but are on a strict schedule.

If you want to enjoy your tea regardless of time, try this bamboo travel mug!

What Makes This Item Awesome

This item is much more than just a thermos. It comes with a stainless steel infuser for your loose leaf teas, a wooden spoon for you to scoop the tea with, and a small compartment for your teabags at the bottom.

Tea tumbler.

Infusers are the best way to enjoy loose leaf tea because they make the experience easy. Most of them come in the shape of strainers, which sit over the mouth of the mug or glass, and mesh balls on chains. Luckily, strainers don't have to be eyesores. They can be a fun addition to any tea experience!

I love these dinosaur infusers in particular!

What Makes This Item Awesome

These strainers are silicone which makes them easy to clean, which brings us to the best part of this entire guide–the fact that they are little dinosaurs for your mugs.

The long necks are super easy to use to stir your tea and the bottom is the perfect size for a single serving. The tiny holes in the top of your infusers are the ideal size to catch your loose leaves while providing all of the flavor and color of other infusers.

dinosaur tea infusers

The science behind teas and the various different blends are interesting in that each tea blend is very different from the other. For starters, there are six main types of tea and each tea is produced from the Camellia sinensis plant.

Each type of tea, regardless of coming from the same plant, has a distinct flavor, aroma, and appearance.

The flavor of the six types of tea comes from different chemical compositions of each distinct blend. The act of steeping tea, or submerging it within water of a certain temperature, triggers the oxidation process. Oxidation refers to the process of releasing the flavor, taste, and color of a certain tea.

In short: different types of tea oxidize at different temperatures.

Different teas also have different steep times. The steep time determines the amount of time that tea must oxidize in order for the optimal flavors, colors, and aromas to be released.

Luckily for us, most purchased teas, be they loose-leaf or bagged teas, come with proper steep times listed on the packaging. If you come across a tea that is printed without the proper steep times on the container, here is a quick and easy guide to help you!

Tea Steep Time

Tea Types Optimal Temperature Steep Time
White 175-185˚ 1-3 min.
Green 180-185˚ 3 min.
Black 206˚ 3-5 min.
Darjeeling 185˚ 3 min.
Oolong 185-206˚ 3-5 min.

This is, of course, a super basic guide that is designed to help you navigate the more popular types of tea that you'll encounter. If you have any doubts, always feel free to ask who you procure the tea from. Chances are, they'll be more than helpful in teaching you how to brew your tea properly.

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