How to Make Handcrafted Chai Tea

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Ever wondered how to make Chai at home? Tired of the chai tea latte served by Starbucks and the likes? Ask any Indian/Asian person and they will tell you, "Chai Tea Latte" doesn't make sense becoz chai means tea! Lol! So you are just saying Tea Tea Latte, hahaha!! Here's a complete how-choo guide to get invigorating tea from your own kitchen.

Kitchen tools
1 eaSieve
2 eaMugs
1 eaPan/pot with a handle to make tea
1 eaSpoon to stir
2 spoonssugar
1 cupMilk
1 cupWater
1 eaFreshly grated Ginger
1 eaLemon grass(optional)
1 spoonTea - Tata Gold (found in Indian Grocery Stores or on Amazon)
2 eacardamoms

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This recipe serves two and takes about 15 mins. Add sugar per taste, can be replaced with raw sugar or equal/stevia. Honey is not the best option here.

Initial Ingredients

Put the cup of water in a pot and add one spoon tea leaves. Add two spoons sugar and add grated ginger. You can also add lemon grass or opened cardamom cloves. (Usually we use a mix of crushed spices - cardamom, cloves, cinammon etc)

First boil

Keep it on medium heat for a couple of mins till it comes to a boil.

Adding milk

Add the cup of milk. Stir gently.

Voila, your tea is ready.

Let it boil again .


Pour the tea into your mugs using a seive to filter out all the loose tea leaves. You can toss the tea leaves, do not re-use them. Enjoy your tea with some crackers , chips or biscuits.

Don't leaf these out of your tea collection!
Tayler Tayler (63)

When it comes to drinking tea, it's no secret that the act of drinking tea is more than the action of drinking tea itself. Having a cup of tea is an experience.