How to Reset a TP-Link Router or Modem

Time for a fresh start!
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Resetting your TP-Link router can be a useful troubleshooting step. Maybe you've noticed unexplained latency in your network or just need to start over fresh—either way, a reset is a good place to start.

A factory reset erases all custom settings on your router, even your WiFi name and password will be lost. Be certain you're ready before you proceed.

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The router can be reset to factory default settings with a physical button.

Locate the reset button

Look on the back of the TP-Link router. The reset button is typically small and red, but this can vary slightly between models. The button should stand out as the smallest one and is often labeled as a reset button.

Use the reset button

While the router is on, press the reset button and hold it for at least 10 seconds. The SYS LED will flash slower, this is an indication the reset has begun. Let go of the reset button and allow a few minutes for the process to complete.

You can also reset the modem or router using the TP-Link web portal.

Access web portal

To access the web portal, log into your TP-Link router.

Reset to factory default

Look under System Tools for an option called Factory Defaults. Select Restore to initiate the factory reset.

Wait a few moments for the router to restart. When it boots, everything will be restored to factory default settings.

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Start over new with a factory reset.
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Resetting your CenturyLink router or modem is a common troubleshooting step for network latency. It's also an easy way to start over with fresh settings on your network.