How to Prepare for Jet Lag

Being prepared will save you.
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Whatever your reason for traveling—whether you've officially changed your address, decided to work remotely abroad, or you're just visiting somewhere far away for a little while—you're bound to experience the dreaded jet lag!

This is my favorite way to deal with this problem.

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In order to help prevent jet lag, you'll want to begin to adjust your sleep schedule ahead of time, so your body will be ready when you arrive at your new destination.

Use a jet lag calculator

You can use a jet lag calculator that will calculate the amount of jet lag you're going to experience given the distance and time-zone of the destination.

Calculate the adjustments yourself

Alternatively, just decide how many days you'd like to take to adjust your sleep schedule and divide the number of hours you need to change by that number. For example, I want to go to London, which is 8hrs different. I'd like to start adjusting 4 days before my trip so 2hrs per night!

Using light

Any time it's dark in your destination city, you should be avoiding light. Wear sunglasses or your sleep mask. Any time it's light, you should be seeking light. Turn all the lights in your house on.


Take the melatonin a couple of hours before you would like to go to bed for the night. It gets your body believing it's time to go to bed. This should definitely be on your list of essentials if you're a remote worker and traveling.

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