What Can I Bring on a Plane? A List of TSA-approved Things

Zach Zach (236)
5 minutes

I'm traveling to Wisconsin to visit family over the new year and, in traditional Wisconsin spirit, hope to bring back lots of cheese. (Oh yeah, I'd be ready for some serious jet lag too, but thankfully I have our guide on preparing for jet lag to help me out.) Given that the TSA's guidelines can be quite insane, I wanted to be sure that my yellow treasure would make it home.

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Access TSA's online tool

The TSA has put together a pretty massive database of items that you can bring through an airport security checkpoint. You can access the tool by clicking here.

Enter your search term

Enter a search term and a list of items from their database will populate. Select the one you're interested in and click Search.

Interpret the results

You will be taken to a pretty generic results page; my search for "cheese" brought me to a generic "food" page, where I learned that large quantities of solid foods are permitted. So, as long as I stay away from cream cheese, I should be fine.

Being prepared will save you.
Dayne Dayne (57)

Whatever your reason for traveling—whether you've officially changed your address, decided to work remotely abroad, or you're just visiting somewhere far away for a little while—you're bound to experience the dreaded jet lag! This is my favorite way to deal with this problem.