How to Install DEB Files in Ubuntu Desktop

Ubuntu makes this process easy.
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You can easily install .deb files on Ubuntu Desktop. The latest edition of Ubuntu recognizes this file-type as an installation package compatible with Debian-based Unix systems.

What are DEB files?

DEB files are Debian Software Packages that use the .deb file extension. They are compatible with various Unix operating systems like iOS and Ubuntu.

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DEB File

Before you can begin, you need something to install. Download the DEB file you want to install and locate it with the file explorer on Ubuntu.

DEB Software Install

Right-click the DEB package and choose the option to open with Software Install.

Install DEB File Ubuntu

When you're ready to begin the install, click Start Installation on the window that opens.

Ubuntu Password

You will be prompted for your administrator password, confirm it in the window, if prompted.

Ubuntu DEB Install

Wait for the installation to complete. The time required for this step will vary depending on what you're trying to install.

Ubuntu DEB Files Uninstall

If you want to remove the DEB package, you can uninstall it from the same Software Install window. Click Remove and then Remove again on the pop-up to uninstall the application.

Pick your flavor of Linux.
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Linux is the internet's go-to open-source operating system. With tons of flavors and editions to choose from, it can be a little intimidating to jump in.