How to Delete Blank Lines in Vim

John John (304)
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Vim is a powerful tool. I often paste raw data into Vim in order to format it in a specific way, and sometimes I need to clean up the file by removing many blank lines. Fortunately there is a simple Vim command to remove all blank lines in a file.



See below for more details.

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While in normal mode, type:


Here's a breakdown of this command.

:g This will execute a command globally on all lines that match a regex (to follow).
/^$/ This is the regex. The forward slashes enclose the pattern, which is: ^$. This is a regex pattern that matches the beginning of a line (^) and the end of a line ($) with nothing in between, which is the definition of a blank line :)
d This is the command to be executed. d stands for delete!

So when you put it all together, you find all blank lines globally across the whole file, and delete them.

Dayne Dayne (57)

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