How to partition a hard drive on Windows

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Let's partition a hard drive! There are plenty of reasons to partition a hard drive—creating virtual machines, dual booting, or even just as a troubleshooting tool. Partitioning divides a single hard drive into multiple (virtual) ones that can be used individually. The capacity of the drive is split between them, not shared.

Windows makes the partition process easy. These are the easiest ways to go about partitioning your hard drive on Windows.

Note: This works for hard drives, external drives, and even USB drives.

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Hard drive partition Windows

Open the Start Menu, and type partition. Select Create and format hard disk partitions from the list.

Right-click on the hard drive you want to split into different partitions, and choose Delete volume. This will wipe the hard drive.

Rick-click on the hard drive again, and choose New Simple Volume

Enter the size you want the new partition to be in Megabytes. Click Next.

Choose a letter to identify the new partition with, and click Next.

Set a file system, like NTFS, and enter a name for your new partition. Click Next.

Click Finish to create the partition. This may take a few minutes to complete.

Hard drive partition Windows Command Prompt

Open the Start Menu and type cmd. Right-click Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator.

When Command Prompt loads, type diskpart, and press enter.

Next we'll load a list of every drive connected to the machine by entering list disk.

Select the disk you want to split into partitions. For example, the second disk would be selected with select disk 1.

To create the partition, run the following command. Replace the ### with the size of your desired partition in Megabytes.

create partition primary size=###

To give the partition a specific drive letter, put assign letter=G. Replace G with any letter you'd like to use. You can add a file system by formatting the new partition. Visit our guide on how to format a hard drive on Windows to learn more.

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There are plenty of reasons to format a hard drive—we're not here to ask questions. We know what it's like to clean up an old PC or prepare an SD card for a new Raspberry Pi project.