How to Unlock Your AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, or Sprint Phone

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So you've got a fancy phone—way to go! No doubt that device in your pocket cost a pretty penny. It makes perfect sense that many of us want to keep our phones when we switch service providers. But how do you keep the same phone?

In short, you'll need an unlock code to move the device over. The way to obtain this code varies between mobile service providers. In this guide, we're covering how to unlock your phone for the biggest mobile carriers in the US.

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AT&T phones can be unlocked that meet these requirements to use with a different carrier. If your device is compatible, you can use the following steps to request an unlock code.

  • Choose "Unlock your device" on this AT&T page.
  • Fill out and submit the unlock code request form.
  • AT&T will send you an email to confirm your unlock code request.
  • Within two business days, you should receive an email with your unlock code.

More information can be found on AT&T's website here.

Devices must meet requirements set by T-Mobile to be unlocked. Some of these requirements include:

  • The device must not be reported stolen
  • The account hosting the device must be in good standing
  • The device is an officially recognized T-Mobile device

For a complete list of requirements, visit the T-Mobile website here.

If your device is compatible, contact T-Mobile to request an unlock code here.

Verizon is one of the most relaxed carriers on this list. Many of their devices are already unlocked. If your mobile device isn't, try using one of these default unlock codes:

If your device still won't unlock, contact Verizon support directly for a new code. Read more about their unlock policy here.

Only devices that qualify can be unlocked by Sprint. Some of these requirements include:

  • The device must have been active for at least 50 days on the Sprint network
  • The associated account must be in "good standing"
  • The device has not been flagged as stolen or missing

You can find the complete list of requirements on Sprint's website. If your device meets the necessary requirements, learn how to unlock your Sprint phone.

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With any carrier, you can unlock a phone. Each carrier has its own requirements. Your AT&T phone might work with a different carrier.