Jointing the pieces. The cedar was leftover from a previous project so I had to plane off the stained areas as well.

The laminations. I needed 3 pieces over 10" wide as I wanted to do 10" wide for the tops and 8" tall for the legs. The legs were to have a taper in them as well so they needed to be closer to 14" wide.

Using a knife wall to cut the pieces to length.

Planing the cut down to the knife wall for a perfect endgrain.

I used a scrap piece of cardboard to freehand the arc for the legs and transferred that to the piece.

After a very rough cut with a crappy coping saw, I used the spokeshave to get a clean, smooth edge on the arc.

First dovetail cut and fitted. This is my first non-practice dovetail and cedar is a soft wood so these are a little rough.

Both dovetails done and fitted. Time to glue up!

I used way more clamps than I ever thought possible. The weird angled ones were to work the legs back into square.

The stool got sanded, the gaps in the joints got filled with glue and sawdust, and it got several coats of boiled linseed oil.

My man Titus with his stool

Get the easiest and safest wood finish with homemade Danish Oil.
Dayne Dayne (57)
10 minutes

Danish oil is a general purpose natural finish for wood. It adds depth and richness to any wood species and protects and seals at the same time.