Ripping down the 8/4 walnut I had from a different project.

Cutting the tenon.

Cleaning the cheeks of the tenon with the router.

One tenon cut.

Chopping some mortises.

One pair of legs dry fit and ready to glue up.

Time to round over the square faces using the spokeshave.

After some nasty spokeshave work, the scraper really helped me get rid of tearout and uneven cuts. It was also an excellent wrist and hand workout.

Cutting the half lap.

Both half laps cut, fit, and glued.

Sanded to 220 and finished with my own danish oil recipe of 1/3 boiled linseed oil, 1/3 mineral spirits, and 1/3 polyurethane.

A detail shot. Thanks for looking :)

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John John (304)
7 minutes

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