Beginner's Guide to Persuasive Writing


Many authors diving into the world of "online how to" are fairly new to online article writing. They may be really good at their topic but not so good at passing information to others. Here are a few quick tips to get you started.

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Consider that you want to write an article on increasing animal rights, and turning vegetarian is your topic. Who will be reading this? With online exposure, it could be just about anyone, but overall it will be a couple of smaller focused groups that will be searching out this type of material.

The first group will be the people who already live this lifestyle, and you do not need to convince them. The second main group will be those who have actually been thinking about trying vegetarianism. The title of your article will help attract the readers you wish to have. Since you are trying to increase animal rights and persuade people to see your side, you are going to want to write for those that are thinking about giving it a try. This is where the titles will help you. If you wrote a title that read, "Top 10 Reasons Meat is Murder" and a title that read, "Twenty Fun and Nutritious Vegetarian Foods", the person trying to decide is going to go for the fun title that is not attacking his or her character.

No matter how big or small your article is, try to maintain a high level of quality. Keep track of your spelling and grammar, and do not entirely count on spellcheck. (Spill cheek can let threw a variety of errors without alerting yew two them.) Try to always keep your opinion to a minimum when writing an article, unless of course it is a product review. The more opinions given, the quicker a reader that does not quite agree will be turned away. Keep a sense of balance, and try to cite any credible sources where you got your information. Make sure to not talk over your readers' heads. If any kind of unique wording is used, go ahead and explain what it is. Make sure your article lived up to the expectations of the title. If you picked "Twenty Fun and Nutritious Vegetarian Foods". be sure that you have twenty foods listed, and that they are common simple starter foods. Again, you do not want to overcomplicate and scare your readers away. Instead of being negative and concentrating on how eating meat is bad for whatever reasons, go with the positive message. Explain why going vegetarian would help animals and be good for the person. Making a connection with the reader will help them to see your side of things.

In the conclusion, you basically want to wrap up what the article said. You would pull the main points from each section, and recap them all here. Once you have successfully chosen your audience, come up with a title, written content, and developed a powerful conclusion, you should have a great article in the making. Just don't forget to proofread!

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