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How to commit and push in Git

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August 17, 2023
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This guide will show you how to properly commit and push your work in Git. It is assumed that you have Git installed and that you’re currently in a clean master branch.

1 – Create a task branch

With a clean master branch checked out, you can create a task branch by typing:

git checkout -b task_branch

where the task_branch is the name of the branch you want to create. By using the -b option it will both create a new branch and check it out.

2 – Do your work and commit

As your are doing work you can commit regularly, and you must also commit when you are finished with your task. You can commit by typing:

git commit -am "commit message"

and you should leave a detailed commit message describing the changes you made.

3 – Merge your work into master

Now that you’ve finished your task you need to checkout master and merge your work. To checkout master simply type:

git checkout master

and to merge your task branch type:

git merge task_branch

where task_branch is the name of your branch.

4 – Push the master branch

Now that your work is merged, go ahead and push the master branch by typing:

git push origin master

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